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The founding of Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics (CSAA) was initiated by several renowned scientists, namely Qian Xuesen, Guo Yonghuai, Wu Zhonghua and Shen Yuan. It was officially established in February, 1964.
Over decades of progress, CSAA has constructed the largest academic platform in China, attracting tens of thousands of individual members and connecting the whole domestic aviation industry, the civil and military aviation organizations, higher education institutes and private companies together.
There are committees steering its work in organization, academic exchanges, science popularization, talents, international cooperation, youth, consulting, senior experts, etc. Nearly 40 technical committees have been set up to cater for technical communication. Member stations have been established in member-condensed area.
Business Scope
Its business covers academic exchange, science popularization, international cooperation, talents recommendation, education and training, consulting, achievements assessment, personnel evaluation, edition and publication, conference and exhibition, etc. Over one hundred activities are carried out each year.
Academic Exchange
Academic exchange is the essence and lifeblood of scientific social organizations. CSAA sponsors a series of academic exchanges, including the China Aeronautical Science and Technology Conference (CAST), CSAA Youth Forum, UAS Conference & Exhibition, GNC Conference, etc. They have become the main academic platforms for presenting the cutting-edge technologies. Conferences together with research on aeronautical progress and discipline mapping have led the advancement of aeronautics.
International Cooperation
CSAA joined the International Council of Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS) on behalf of Chinese aeronautical community. It has developed cooperation with its counterparts in the United States, Russia, Britain, Japan, Korea, Australia, Israel and Czech. Several brand events are organized jointly with its partners worldwide, like the Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Aerospace Technology(APISAT), International Forum on Composites Application for Large Commercial Aircrafts and Civil Avionics International Forum (CAIF),etc.
Science Popularization
Science popularization is one of CSAA’s founding missions, which has been fulfilled by holding competitions, exhibitions, knowledge contests, flying shows, model building classes, TV programs, lectures and flight simulation activities. More than one million teenagers are engaged on a yearly basis.
Competitions like the International UAV Innovation Grand Prix (UAVGP) and International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC Asia-Pacific Venue) have facilitated innovation. Exhibitions like the Beijing Airshow and the Exhibition on Aviation Centennial Development have gained much attention from the society.
CSAA is actively engaged in policy making for China’s CPC and the government. It organized dozens of Chinese academicians to propose the building of national aviation emergency rescue system to the State Council. It undertook the sub-research of National Defense’ Civil-Military Integrating Development in Aviation.  It provides the Ministry of Commerce suggestions on JV antitrust situations.
Awarding and Achievements Assessment
The CSAA Science and Technology Award started in 2007. Its winners can be further promoted to the National Science and Technology Award and the National Defense Science and Technology Award.  A bunch of achievements with social influence and technical recognitions have won the Award.  Achievements assessment has been carried out to provide professional evaluation for scientific results.
Talents Recommendation
CSAA has made its contributions to the introduction and cultivation of talents through its activities and awards, including CAE and CAS academician recommendation, CSAA Fengru Aeronautical Elite, CSAA Science and Technology Award for the Youth, CAST Young Talents Cultivation Program, etc. In addition, it implements skill training, personnel evaluation and technical title appraisals.
Publications sponsored by CSAA enjoy high academic status and social standing. Aerospace Knowledge Magazine enlightens and cultivates generations of talents and gained Chinese Government Publishing Award for several times. Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica has held first place among all Chinese aerospace academic journals for years. The Chinese Journal of Aeronautics (CJA) is the only SCI-indexed aerospace publication in China.
CSAA has ushered itself into the new Era with high spirit, ready to make new contributions to a stronger aviation industry and more advanced aeronautical technologies in China. It will strive to develop itself into a world-class social organization.  


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